‘… for everything there is a season’

“One of the interesting insights of this reality of life is that there is also an “in between moment”. A moment in which we adjust to loss / change and begin to prepare for the next or new season. The HillSide community is now in such a ‘moment’! Yes there is sadness, there is uncertainty and dare I say, some fear.But we must I believe treat this moment as a gift. A God given gift, a time to reflect, to listen, to prepare for the new season in which we can continue to bring the energy, giftedness and creativity that this community has, so as to re-engage in the work God has called us to and be the people God needs us to be in this place at this time”.

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Sunday July 26 2020

Posted by Hillside Methodist Community Church on Saturday, 25 July 2020

A new broom sweeps clean…

Did you know that full proverb is A new broom sweeps clean, but the old one knows all the corners. So what does this mean for us as we enter a new era without the person who has led us for the past 15 years? Does it mean we sweep clean and start completely new? Does it mean we stick to our old ways? Lauren suggests that the direction we go as we move into the future is not really the question we should be asking. Rather, let us ask, what does it mean to be a broom? Cryptic? Listen in!

New Beginnings – Week 1 – 2nd August 2020 – A new broom sweeps clean – Lauren Kuiken