by Lauren Kuiken
Published: 26th Aug 2017 (4 years ago)
"Happiness is an inside job," William Arthur Ward

Yoga teaches us to find happiness within, and not to search for it in material objects and the external. 

Soul Space is a quaint studio created for the purpose of sharing the healing power of yoga with the community. Soul Space provides a space where students can venture on a journey of self-discovery as they connect with their truest self through the physical and mental practice of yoga. We offer a variety of classes ranging from restorative, low intensity classes, to more energising and challenging practices. We are a place that focuses on healing mind, body and soul by providing a safe environment to explore the most vulnerable areas of the self.

Studio: 60 Milford Avenue, Dowerglen, Johannesburg

Visit our website at www.soulspaceza.com

 Contact: Lauren Kuiken