by Megan Kelly
Published: 22nd Jul 2021 (3 days ago)
Edenvale / Bedfordview

What makes the WOWJude Cleansing Cloth so special?

The WOWJude cleansing cloth is made of a delicate fabric blend of polyester and silk fibers.

When wet it helps break the bond between, make-up, stubborn dirt and impurities, on the skin.

The millions of tiny fibers, which increase the surface area of the cloth by about 15 times more than that of a normal facecloth, attracts all impurities directly off the skin onto the cloth, therefore impurities are not smeared or smudged around the skin, clogging up ones pores.

Who can use the WOWJude Cleansing Cloth?

#Ladies: to remove stubborn make-up, hair dye or just to cleanse and exfoliate.

#Men: to cleanse and exfoliate and assists with getting rid of all those unwanted ingrown hairs.

#Teens: After sport – to cleanse and exfoliate and assists with acne control.

#Children: removes face paints and stubborn dirt or just to sleep with!

#Babies: Use to bath your new-born baby. It is soft and gentle, soothes Nappy Rashes – all with no additional chemicals.

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