HillSide and The Hope Risen Foundation invites you to join an informative workshop that helps bring freedom and restoration to those who are being exploited by Modern Day Slavery.

Saturday 13th April from 9am to 1:30pm at HillBrews (Nobel Primary School)

This workshop will give you in-depth training to both equip and empower you to help put an end to Modern Day Slavery by identifying the various forms of Human Trafficking, red flags and the practical steps you can take to report a potential Human Trafficking situation.

Justice is in the hands of the ordinary, you can bring freedom and save a life. Are you in?

The Workshop will be presented by one of their experienced facilitators and will cover:-
● Definitions of Human Trafficking (what it is and what it’s not)
● Types of Human Trafficking
● How it happens and who is involved
● Red flags that indicate possible trafficking cases
● Survivor stories
● The trafficking situation in South Africa
● What’s being done and what still needs to be done
● How to protect yourself and your family
● Other ways to get involved
Certificates will be issued for attendance and participation.

Cost is R 300. pp booking essential.
Enquiries: nicole@hmcc.org.za