Jesus Said What?!!

Behind all the statements Jesus said - there are the most wonderful keys to life. Not only do they make life possible, but they are secrets that create the way for us to a meaningful life and good relationships! This 8 week series also has accompanying "homework" material for the week - do journey with [...]

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Confirmation Service 13th June 2021 Confirmation Sunday - 13th June 2021 - Rev Allan Booth As our confirmands set out on a new phase of their walk with Jesus we are reminded of all that has been sown into our own lives. Has your “life tree” grown to provide shelter and community for those in need? We are delighted [...]

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#QoF (HillSide’s 5th Sunday is Questions of Faith Sunday)

BECAUSE YOUR QUESTIONS MATTER #QoFSUNDAYS And the faith that grows out of questioning is stronger than the faith born of blind acceptance. It can withstand the shocks of circumstance. Only he who questions the universe and questions it in utter honesty can grow in his comprehension of the truth. ~James Dillet Freeman On Sunday 30th [...]

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Vintage Jesus – HiIlSide’s April- June Preaching Series

Vintage Jesus, our April – June preaching series, is all about Jesus-yesterday-today-and forever! We will explore, the truth about his character, nature and work. We’ll be answering questions like: Is Jesus the only God? How human was he? How did people know he was coming? Where is Jesus today? What difference has Jesus made in [...]

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Reaching Towards Easter (HillSide’s Lenten Preaching Series)

Sadly we are still unable to resume our services in person; unfortunately Nobel is still waiting for authorization from the GDE granting hall users permission to access their facilities. So for now we will continue to live stream our service on Facebook: Or you may catch the recorded service on YouTube a little later [...]

Reaching Towards Easter (HillSide’s Lenten Preaching Series)2021-03-22T09:01:22+02:00

#QoF (HillSide’s 5th Sunday is Questions of Faith Sunday)

Does God’s grace extend beyond death? If grace is given freely what does it demand of me? These are just 2 of your questions that Allan and Stewi tackled on Sunday, 31st January, in the first of our 5th Sunday Questions of Faith! Your comments and any follow-up questions in response to Sunday’s discussion [...]

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Are you in SHAPE? HillSide’s January 2021 Preaching Series

Do you sometimes think “I am a Christian but I don’t think I have any joy”? Your life experience is robbing you of the joy that is inherently in you. Don’t let that happen! Joy is an outward expression of an inward experience. We must make intentional times for expressing Thanks to God for the [...]

Are you in SHAPE? HillSide’s January 2021 Preaching Series2021-02-12T10:26:35+02:00
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