Vintage Jesus – HiIlSide’s April- June Preaching Series

Vintage Jesus, our April – June preaching series, is all about Jesus-yesterday-today-and forever! We will explore, the truth about his character, nature and work. We’ll be answering questions like: Is Jesus the only God? How human was he? How did people know he was coming? Where is Jesus today? What difference has Jesus made in [...]

Vintage Jesus – HiIlSide’s April- June Preaching Series2021-04-19T09:28:03+02:00

Reaching Towards Easter (HillSide’s Lenten Preaching Series)

Sadly we are still unable to resume our services in person; unfortunately Nobel is still waiting for authorization from the GDE granting hall users permission to access their facilities. So for now we will continue to live stream our service on Facebook: Or you may catch the recorded service on YouTube a little later [...]

Reaching Towards Easter (HillSide’s Lenten Preaching Series)2021-03-22T09:01:22+02:00

#QoF (HillSide’s 5th Sunday is Questions of Faith Sunday)

Does God’s grace extend beyond death? If grace is given freely what does it demand of me? These are just 2 of your questions that Allan and Stewi tackled on Sunday, 31st January, in the first of our 5th Sunday Questions of Faith! Your comments and any follow-up questions in response to Sunday’s discussion [...]

#QoF (HillSide’s 5th Sunday is Questions of Faith Sunday)2021-02-01T09:24:29+02:00

Are you in SHAPE? HillSide’s January 2021 Preaching Series

Do you sometimes think “I am a Christian but I don’t think I have any joy”? Your life experience is robbing you of the joy that is inherently in you. Don’t let that happen! Joy is an outward expression of an inward experience. We must make intentional times for expressing Thanks to God for the [...]

Are you in SHAPE? HillSide’s January 2021 Preaching Series2021-02-12T10:26:35+02:00

HillSide’s Advent Series

When Advent rolls around do you feel the thrill of the new year, of new possibilities, and of new hope; a sense of a "clean page with nothing written on it,"? Do you feel the anticipation of wondering what's around God's next "corner?" Even though we know the "end" of the Advent story, each year [...]

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PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE PREACHING SERIES “It’s the little things that make BIG things happen”  When we think of our purpose, chances are we think of big, grandiose goals and sweeping statements. In reality, living with purpose isn't about achievements and accomplishing goals on our to-do list. Truly living a meaningful, fulfilling life is about finding purpose in everyday moments…. Sunday 22nd Nov' 2020: Purpose Driven Church [...]


A New Beginning… NB: Apologies! Had sound gremlins - audio comes through at 11:50 A house of cards is only as strong as its weakest link. On Sunday, 30th August, Stewart took a look at what makes HillSide – HillSide and what we can do to be a better church!?! New Beginnings - Week 5 - 30th [...]

A New Beginning…2020-09-02T11:34:13+02:00
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