Welcome to ENGAGE. This week we initiate a kind of interesting preaching series called ENGAGE. I say interesting because I am not really sure in all my almost 15 years of being here we have tackled some of these controversial ethical issues and topics or really ENGAGED with them in service or as home groups.

So let me tell you what we up to: for the next four weeks, including this week we are seeking to ENGAGE with the world and some of the ethical issues of the community and society.

It is my deepest hope you will ENGAGE with the topics each week, pray over them, reflect on them, even if it is painful.

Week 1: Termination of pregnancy: Abortion 4th August

Week 2: Arms war and peace 11th August

Week 3: Redefining marriage and relationships 18th August

Week 4: Handling other religions 25th August

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Questions for ENGAGEment:

  • All of us would like the number of unwanted pregnancies reduced. What do you think are some ways this can be done? What are your personal views on this?
  • If you had to box yourself into one of these few viewpoints where would you place yourself?
  1. Pro-life
  2. Pro-choice
  3. Gradualist
  4. Other/Undecided
  • Does a sense of a child as a gift from God inform your approach to termination of pregnancies? Or does your belief that all human beings (even possibly including those not yet born) are created in God’s image inform your approach to difficult ethical issues. If so, how?
  • Do you think there is too much emphasis on the “Gospel of Family”   that might exclude people? Example: If children are understood (as in the biblical narrative) as a “gift” or blessing from God, then childlessness can be interpreted as a sign of God’s disfavour?
  • What are your thoughts on early teenager contraception, and education on sexual awareness and education?
  • What would your counselling advice be, if asked for, regarding termination of pregnancy?