It is our hope that this series will be studied by EVERYONE!

Brian would like as many people as possible to study this material and reflect on what is said here and on these 5 Seeds of Revival. So each and every group: Bible study / Life groups, Fathers, Chat ‘n Chew, HillKid’s Teacher groups, Worship Teams, Outreach groups, all service groups related or involved or that have members in our church please join in.We are also inviting individuals and / or families who don’t belong to a group to either make one, or to do some study and thought around these six week topics of Seeds of Revival.

Further , you are also welcome to invite Brian and / or  Stewart  to your  group meetings and they will lead a week, and they will help you make new groups!

Let’s get the word out and get people sharing their thoughts on these 5 seeds from God!

5 Seeds Bible Study 2019