We as a church community realize there is or may be concern regarding the spread of COVID 19 virus, especially as we have some vulnerable elderly and younger folk in our church.

Now that the first case has been confirmed in South Africa, there is no need to panic, or react. But we as a church community want to do what we can.

Of course there is much media on this matter, but as those who seek and follow truth, please check for accurate information before sharing anything on our church posts.

We as a church need to reinforce some standard common practices of staying healthy that are necessary…even if there was no virus. These practices are aligned with the recommendations and protocols of the World Health Organisation:

  • Coughing in the crook of your arm or sleeve, or leave the room.
  • Regular, consistent, thorough washing of hands and using a good hand sanitizer. People will be encouraged to partake in their own communion (no longer will communion be handed to you). Our communion bread is always placed on a sealed before and during the service.
  • Avoid placing your hands near your face, as this can cause transference. (There are trained knowledgeable nurses in congregation if you would like more information)
  • If you are presenting any cold or flu symptoms, keep child or self at home rather than coming to church, practice a self-improved quarantine of a few weeks. (But please don’t use this as an excuse not to come to church)
  • We at HillSide will make hand sanitizers available to all around us and this letter has been sent to the Children’s Church and youth leaders as well.
  • What about cards we get when we drive in? We as a staff will give this some thought and come up with a plan.

Thinking theologically: Please do not welcome or share or trust any posts or statements that this is some kind of punishment from God for whatever reason. God is a God of love and healing, if you have any theological questions regarding the virus please make an appointment with Brian our minister.

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Posted by Heinrich Gabby Gabler on Thursday, 5 March 2020