Unfortunately Nobel have still not received permission from the GDE allowing us access to the hall and regrettably we are not allowed to have you back in their garden either. Join Allan and HillSide as we live stream our 9am service on Facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/HillsideMethodistCommunityChurch/?ref=bookmarks  or you may catch the recorded service on YouTube a little later in the morning;) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQEGVzyS_gKiHMb_WVkToUw

Sunday - 11th April 2021:

So Easter is past, what now?! Do we risk putting Jesus back into a safe box, until Christmas hoping to ride out the year on inertia? Or do we seek to actively re-engage the living Jesus every day? 

Easter Sunday - 4th April 2021 - 9am Service
Emissaries of Hope! This is the new beginning.  It was difficult for the disciples to grasp the depth of infinite truth of who Jesus is. 
It is difficult for us even today. However you and I are part of God's incredible plan!
Apologies for the technical problems that effected our Sunday recording:
Reaching towards Easter - Easter Sunday - 4th April 2021 - Rev Allan Booth
Good Friday - 2nd April 2021 - 9am Service: 
Compact Benediction. The moment Jesus died the possibility of our redemption was born. "It is finished." Is not about an ending but about a new beginning.
Reaching towards Easter - Good Friday - 2nd April 2021 - Rev Allan Booth
Maundy Thursday - 1st April 2021:
The gift of presence. Jesus was actually alone in the Garden. Do we really engage with Jesus, or just skirt around the edges of our relationship with him?
Reaching towards Easter - Maundy Thursday - 1st April 2021 - Rev Allan Booth

Holy Wednesday 31st March 2021 - 6pm on-line Service:
Holy Tuesday 30th March 2021 - 6pm on-line Service:
Holy Monday 29th March 2021 - 6pm on-line Service:

Palm Sunday - 28th March:
This Sunday we celebrate a saviour who rides into town on a donkey. The way of the cross is always different to what the world expects. Jesus rides directly into trouble ... Again not what we would expect. What are your expectations of the Messiah? Is He what you expect?
HOLY WEEK: The week that changed everything!
Our Service Schedule will be as follows:
Holy Monday – Holy Wednesday: 29th March – 31st March – 6pm – on line via Facebook
Maundy Thursday – 1st April – 6pm Service in Nobel’s garden
Good Friday – 2nd April – 9am Service in Nobel’s garden
Easter Sunday – 4th April – 9am Service in Nobel’s garden