As we approach Easter 2020 and journey through the 40 days of Lent we prepare ourselves spiritually for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. If we just arrive towards the end of Easter without any spiritual preparation for these HUGE Christian events we find ourselves unprepared and not ready for what God wants to do in and through us this year.  We find our experience of Easter anaemic and we discover we have a diluted experience of what these days mean to us and what God can do in, through and with us.

You and I need to do the spiritual preparation necessary to prepare our hearts and minds. This has been our HillSide theme this year: Intentional spiritual growth. Looking at areas of our lives and asking how strong or weak these areas of spirituality are as HillSiders.

You may also notice our new drive towards owning the passion we have for our church and community here at HillSide. Over the next few weeks you will hear testimonies of people who have been involved in HillSide; who serve at HillSide, who believe in HillSide as a church and who adopt the DNA of HillSide. There are many people who catch the vision that God has placed in our hearts here at HillSide.

HillSide has a DNA? Yes, and you can read all about it below or check our more details on our social media and website:

Hillside‘s DNA

Who we are and what we are about?

  1. GOOD THEOLOGY: We will always strive to be intellectually challenging in our preaching and our theology while holding onto some key theological truths and values.
  2. REAL LIFE PREACHING: From this basis our preaching and teaching is mainly “lifestyle preaching” with a real slant towards life application in a real world with real needs and hurts.
  3. FAMILY ORIENTATED: We will sometimes be a little “messy or noisy” when it comes to family and community services.
  4. SOUTH AFRICAN: We are a South African church and we value and strive to reflect a diverse community.
  5. WORSHIP CONNECTION: We believe that quality worship of God and Sunday services should be heartfelt and seek a connection with God. Should not be entertainment or concert based.
  6. SPIRIT FILLED: We are charismatic in the more ancient sense of the word by allowing ourselves to be guided by the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given us, and the Holy Spirit’s prompting.
  7. HOSPITALITY: We strive to reflect the spirit of hospitality by the way we welcome people. We serve free food and refreshments as part of our Sunday services.
  8. MAKING A DIFFERENCE: We are a community based church that cares deeply for the community we serve.

 Come journey with us as we explore dimensions of our faith together