Sadly, as you know Brian’s time with us is nearing the end…


We are braver than we believe, stronger than we seem, and smarter than we think …  through community!

Sunday the 5th July Brian ashared with us one of your favourite sermons… The 1st in his 4 final sermons with HillSide …


Sunday 05 July 2020

Winnie the Pooh

Posted by Hillside Methodist Community Church on Saturday, 4 July 2020

Remembering – Week 1 – July 5th 2020 Winnie the Pooh – Saying Goodbye Sermon


Coming up in July:

July 12th 2020: 5 Lessons I have learnt at HillSide (2)

July 19th 2020:  Washing Powder (3)

July 26th 2020: Embracing the good in goodbye.

An Invitation to say goodbye!

“And there was much weeping on the part of all; they embraced Paul and kissed him” (Acts 20:38).

It is important for us all to say goodbye well – and sadly due to lockdown we’ve had to change our plans so this is what we’ll do:

You are invited to write Brian and his family a letter – and here are some ideas on what you could include…

  • What blessings/memories have you received from Brian as your minister that you want to give thanks to God for?
  • What blessings/memories do you want to give Brian and family as prayers for their journey?
  • What blessings/memories in your life do you most want carry with you?
  • What prayers/hopes/dreams do you hold for HillSide with Rev’ Allan and Stewart in the future?

Your letter can be emailed to him or given to him on …

Brian and Family will be waiting at the top of Nobel’s circle;

We will have marshals to guide you through, up and around the driveway

as you wait your turn to say goodbye from your car; time limits will apply.

Their moving cube will be packed and sailing this next week.

(So Brian will be on leave from 29th June to 4th July)