We do hope you will be joining us to hear all about Pauses for Pentecost: 50 Words for Easter people…  with Trevor Hudson.

 When: 14th March 2020. 8:30 for 9:00

What to Bring: Bring and Share…muffins, sandwiches, rusks, etc., etc. Coffee & Tea provided.

Trevor’s Pauses for Pentecost book will be available through the HillSide office from February for R60.

Trevor’s new book, Seeking Serenity, will be available to purchase on the day for R250!

Where: Nobel Primary School

What’s this Book, Pauses for Pentecost, all about?

It is a book of meditations based on 50 words from scripture concerning the journey from Resurrection to Pentecost

The resurrection is the life-giving centre of our Faith. It proclaims that Christ lives beyond crucifixion, beyond the grave and proclaims that the cross was victory of God’s self-giving love over all destructive powers of sin and death.  Did you know that traditionally the 50 day period between Easter Sunday and Pentecost is called Eastertide? News to me…. Somehow….. If you are like me… we have missed this period altogether. As Trevor says people often limit this period to Easter Sunday Communion, perhaps an Ascension Worship Service forty days later, and then 10 days after that Pentecost Sunday celebrations. Does that sound familiar? What about the days in-between?

When have we ever taken all these 50 days to consciously and deliberately walk the path from Resurrection to Pentecost?  Is this not the year to Pause for Pentecost?  Is this not the year to feel God’s presence in a new and powerful way? We all know how the early disciples changed from hopelessness and despair at the time of the crucifixion to bold and convincing witness with increased joy and inner freedom during “Eastertide”. Would you not like the same thing to happen to you?  That is what this book is aiming to do.

Please join Trevor Hudson on the Saturday 14th March as he gives us more insight into the Path of Resurrection towards Pentecost; the path that will lead us more deeply into the fullness of life that the Risen Christ has promised us.

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for take off to a fuller and deeper walk with God!

Do journey with us ~ Colin