How conscious are you of your unconscious bias?

Brian leads this 2 hour workshop that will address stereotyping, prejudice, sexism, discrimination, racism and tribalism; where we’ll learn that “the best tool in our toolbox is ourselves”. We’ll have the power to step back from a situation and reflect. The more aware we are our biases and how important it is to look outside of your in-group, the more we can be conscious of our behaviors and become confident that we are not ruled by these biases.

NB: this will be led in workshop style, not a lecture! Discover how you as a person can become more open approachable and welcoming. Uncover issues within yourself that you may be reacting from that you can bring to light. This workshop will help you in more ways than you realize at work, at home, in social settings and prepare you for difficult conversations. Don’t miss it!

Saturday 31st August at HillBrews, Nobel Primary from 9am to 11am.

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